CASTLE:  Circuit Analysis and Simulation with Transmission Line Emphasis


A new transmission-line circuit code for Windows.  Graphical interface.  Works with Stella (an NRL in-house data analysis code...).


Primarily used to analyze pulsed power machines with a lot of transmission-line elements.


 Berkeley Spice 3F5 for Windows


This latest version (as of Aug 2006) of Berkeley's original circuit code.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to compile on the Windows XP platform with modern tools.


I have fixed the source so that it can be compiled from the command line after installing the free Microsoft Visual C Express package (also works with Visual Studio 6).

See how to fix the source yourself here
Download the fixed source here
Download the Windows executables here

Note that there are two executables "bspice" and "cspice".  Both are command line tools.  To simulate the example input file "rc.cir", just run "bspice rc.cir" from the command prompt.  Bspice.exe outputs everything to a file called "rawspice.raw" where Cspice.exe outputs to the screen.  I find the bspice is the most useful.  Interestingly, if you happen to have Linear's free graphical version of spice for windows, you can use it to open the "rawspice.raw" file and examine the data.