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Coaxial Cable

Cable Type

Inner Radius [mm]

Outer Radius [mm]

RG-58/U (50W) 0.47 1.40
RG-58/AU (53.5W) 0.47 1.45
RG-8/U (50W) 1.37 3.62
RG-59/U (75W) 0.41 1.84
RG-11/U (75W) 0.81 3.56
RG-174/U (50W) 0.24 0.76

Atomic Distances


Distance [m]

Bohr radius (nucleus to electron) 5.29E-11
Electron radius (Compton) 2.8179E-15
Proton radius (from charge rotation) 2.8E-16
Neutron radius (from charge rotation) 4.7E-16

Planetary Distances


Distance from Sun [m]

Radius [m]

Mercury 57.9E+9 2.439E+6
Venus 108E+9 6.052E+6
Earth 150E+9 6.378E+6
Mars 228E+9 3.397E+6
Jupiter 778E+9 71.398E+6
Saturn 1430E+9 60.0E+6
Uranus 2870E+9 25.4E+6
Neptune 4500E+9 24.3E+6
Pluto 5910E+9 2.5E+6

Celestial Distances


Distance [m]

Radius of the Moon 1.74E+6
Earth to Moon distance 3.84E+8
Radius of the Sun 6.96E+8
Earth to Sun distance 1.50E+11
Nearest star (Proxima Centauri) 4.0E+16
Nearest star visible to naked eye 4.1E+16
Diameter of Milky Way Galaxy 9E+20
Thickness of Milky Way Galaxy 3E+19
Furthest object visible to naked eye  2E+22
    (Andromeda Galaxy)  



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