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dv (adjustment to vm, e.g., for more compact electrodes)    


νm (for maximally flat electrode)

v (vm+dv) <---  table uses this value, which can be manually adjusted.  

table Inputs:

2y0 (electrode gap at x=0)  
ymax (max. y value for data)  
  V (applied gap voltage)  
  du (u increment for table)    

Distance units:

  Electric field units:
  <--  Push this button to fill table below using k, v and above table inputs
  <--  Push to create an AutoCad compatible file from table.
  <--  Push to plot profile.

Output Format:                                                        top

Select Format: Scientific Engineering Fixed

Notes:                                                                       top

May take a few steps to get the .dxf text into the proper format with Internet Explorer... First, use "View"-->"Source" from menu in text window to get new window with each symbol on one line. Then save as a text file (Unicode). Open that file with Notepad and save as Ansi with .dxf extension. Then, programs will recognize the file.

The parameter k determines how wide the profile is with 0.2 being relatively thin and 0.01 relatively wide.

The parameter dv with some value like 0.005 can be used to make the profile more narrow.

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